Satire and Digital Painting (abstract automatism) by Ron Maubidea
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Welcome Dear Friends and Guests…
Thank you for browsing the website of New York based artist, Ron Maubidea

Amongst the various works... is a style referred to as Abstract Automatism. It is both contemporary and unique, as it applies primarily to art created in the Digital Domain

Note: The Maubidea signature (visible on every image) is a graphic overlay, intended for Internet identification only… It will not be present on any of the Giclee prints

If you have any questions regarding a particular piece, please contact the gallery via email. A Contact Link has been provided on the top right side of the page . . .

Thank you... and enjoy

Cassandra Landau – Gallery Coordinator


We are pleased to announce that readership of Ron’s articles and satirical cartoons have surpassed 135,000 nationwide readers and continues to grow...

The main articles, An Open Letter (a commentary on premature political forecasting) and Silent Manifesto (The Pathetic Yelpings of a Delusional Misogynist), remain the leading two "5 Star Posts" in the Village Voice, Arts and Entertainment Forum of backpage.com

Silent Manifesto... addresses the increasing phenomenon of Internet Stalking, as it relates to the author’s personal account as the unwitting victim of an envious admirer.

Although both articles address issues of national and global concern, they are tastefully peppered with a curious series of articulate cartoons. The dialogues cover a myriad of diverse themes which include (but not limited to) . . . social satire, homophobia, practical recipes, human rights and the inquisitive banter of the two main contributors ikye and Regina Queens.

As the Art Director and script writer, Ron’s decade long experience as a Cable Television and Music Video Producer has once again been called into play...

NEWS UPDATE: The closing chapter at backpage.com (August 22, 2011)
Ron's final thoughts to friends and subscribers, the backstory . . . http://maubidea.blogspot.com

Gallery image: Charitable Scorn: The Queen

Cassandra Landau – Gallery Coordinator

After a recent celebration to commemorate the efforts of friends, staff interns and artistic collaborators... it is once again an honor to see (metaphorically speaking)
the banner of Eminent Sound and Videoworks, Inc., hanging above my desk

I wish to thank the following people for allowing me the privilege to have served the Artist Community of New York City between the years, Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five through Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Four

As the Executive Director of the program, a very special thank you to all the members of the Artist Communication Network; Lucy Velvet - Production Coordinator, Angela Caponigro Dance Ensemble, American Festival of Microtonal Music, Hilly Kristal and CBGB, Ms Trudy Schroeder at Bretton Hall Studio Productions, Important Record Distributors NY, Alternative Tentacles Records SF and to the many contributors who donated their time, thoughts and performances… Ron

As of recent…

Daniel E. Shapiro
First Deputy Secretary of State, NY State Department of State 2010

In the past…

Robert Abrams: Attorney General, State of New York 1987
Howard Holt: Associate Attorney

Kenneth Shorter: Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York 1987

Thomas Sobol: Commissioner of Education 1987
Seth Reckmuller: Assistant Counsel

Katharine Rowe: Attorney
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts 1987

Gallery image: Saharawi
Subtitle: The Caretaker . . .
Application of Basic Forms and Shading

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow... Part 2 now online!
Ron's first web published Interview of 2011 by Suzanne Horowitz

Galerie Hot Link . . . http://maubidea.blogspot.com

News about the Artist and Upcoming Events - Technical Tips on Digital Enhancements and Optical Manipulation – Abstract Automatism - Method and Correspondence.

Gallery Image: Statue Attentive - Eve dans le Jardin ll

An homage to Rachel Zoe and her talented staff of fashion stylists.

Honorable mention: Taylor Jacobson and Brad Goreski…

Haitian Creole Pudding: Happenstance and Feathers, is the newest addition to the gallery and unique to any in the collection. The painting is a series of stark black and white images peppered with soft coloured hues and crystalline highlights.

The digital canvas is a mélange of abstract portraiture, contrasting the refined detail of the surrealistic backdrop. Mardi, a veteran to Haitian falconry and her bird Tuti are the figurative subjects depicted in the painting.

Donna Berlanda – Publicist

In a vastly growing population of gallery images, the artist has once again shifted his focus. These recent contributions will be added to the Environmental – Landscape collection. Most notable are the impressionist renderings of; One Red Cherry, Mosquito Creek and Wild Berries.

Gallery image: Mosquito Creek
Location: The Gardens at Berlanda Chateau

Cassandra Landau – Gallery Coordinator

All giclee prints come with certificates of authenticity.
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